Urban Dragon
(draco urbanus)

What Are Urban Dragons?
With man taking over more and more land, and cities expanding their boundaries constantly, many animals have adapted to living in the cities. Raccoons and Coyotes are two examples of animals that have learned to thrive in urbanized areas. Dragons have been recorded throughout history as being large, fearsome beasts with great intelligence. Mankind has shown a history of disliking the idea of sharing their living space with large carnivores who look at humans as a nice light snack, therefore Dragons were "encouraged" to stay away from man's villages and cities. While one dragon was usually a match for one man, dragons quickly found out that many men together could usually defeat one dragon. Any dragons living near human areas had to adapt or leave to survive. The dragons who stayed near the humans were generally the more social, curious individuals. Most of them were fascinated by human beings. Highly adaptable, they evolved into the Urban Dragon as we know it today. The Urban Dragon has been found all through the world, living anywhere there are humans. The Urban Dragon is a shy creature, and is usually hard to spot. There are many different types of Urban Dragons; their highly adaptive nature and fascination with humans have lead them to emulate the humans they coexist with, resulting in several distinct sub-species. The above picture is of a plain Urban Dragon with no unique characteristics.

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